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Wanda SLSC offers a range of courses to our members and we are currently seeking expression of interest in courses for the 2020/21 season. Please complete the form below.

Full course descriptions can be accessed via the Education tab on the website, firstly read the material under the ‘courses’ category to ensure that you meet the pre-requisite criteria for the course in which you are applying

Candidates will learn the roles and responsibilities of an IRB Crew member. They will be trained in preparing the boat for operation, safely and effectively launching and landing the boat, learn to identify hazards, demonstrate safe crewing positions and retrieve patients from the water, (conscious and unconscious), perform pre- and post-operational checks of the IRB and complete the necessary paperwork. Work effectively with the IRB Driver.

Induction – Saturday 13 March 2021, 9am
Training – Saturday 20 and 27 March 2021, 9am
Assessment – Sunday 28 March 2021, 11am

Candidates learn the basic Patrolling skills, including Surf awareness, Surf Rescues, Resuscitation, Radio operation and communications
Transition from the SRC to the Bronze. The SRC will allow you to do water safety and then you can progress to the full Bronze course and be ready for the start of the following season – which means you will only have to do 4 or 5 more weeks at the start of next season to turn your SRC into a Bronze Award
Candidates learn the essential Patrolling skills, including Workplace safety, Surf awareness, Basic anatomy, Surf Rescues, Resuscitation and use of a Defibrilator, Emergency Care, Radio operation and communications, carries and supports and Basic Beach management.
Candidates are trained in the use of oxygen as therapy, airway management devices and automated external defibrillators. They are given the skills and knowledge necessary to respond to an emergency situation.
Candidates will learn the roles and responsibilities of an IRB Driver. This role carries some of the highest responsibilities of any Patrolling member. They will be trained in preparing the boat for operation, with specific attention to the running and operation of the motor. Safely and effectively launch, land and negotiate the surf using the correct techniques. Learn to identify hazards and deal with incidents; reporting to the Patrol Captain. Conduct rescues, both conscious and unconscious. Supervise and the Crew and deal with the general public. Carry out emergency procedures if required, in the surf.
This award is necessary to become a Patrol Captain. Emphasis is placed on identifying hazards and mitigating risk on the beach, while managing the Patrol and all of its members in a team environment. Communicating with the Patrol, the Public and Officers above in the chain of command is vital to being an effective Patrol Captain. Through surveillance and preventative actions, you will keep the public safe at the beach, and sometimes beyond.
Volunteer qualified UAV operators (Wanda members) to fly drone(s) whilst on Patrol for Wanda SLSC. Minimum Age requirement is 18.

Enrolments on courses will only be offered to current season financial members of Wanda SLSC.

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