Wanda SLSC has finished second overall at the 2020 NSW Surf Life Saving Championships. Wanda’s top 6 results

Wanda (387 points) finished behind last years’ winner and powerhouse club Newport SLSC (568 points), and ahead of third place North Cronulla (187).

Rounding out the top ten clubs were Manly (186), Elouera (180), North Bondi (162), Swansea Belmont (155), Cronulla (137), Coogee (136) and Umina (122).

Wanda SLSC Director Surf Sports Greg Pierce couldn’t be happier with the result.

“It was a huge team effort, from every competitor and section. You simply don’t get the pointscore we did without that.”

“We’re pleased to have increased our points on last year, but more than that, it was great to see competitors who have trained hard all year rewarded for their efforts.

“We thank club sponsor The Tradies for their support of our state team, along with the many coaches, volunteers and helpers in takes to do well at our sports’ premier NSW event.

“There are so many highlights when you have a big team at State Championships and it’s absolutely impossible to single out a few.

“Our water section, coached by Nathan Smith, performed exceptionally well in all areas, individually and especially in team events like the surf teams, taplins, belt race and ski relay.

“On International Women’s Day it was so good to see three Wanda women’s teams in the Open Female Taplin final, taking out 2nd, 4th and 5th placings. It doesn’t get much better than that.

“The beach runners, led by Jock Campbell, really dominated their events and our beach sprinters and flaggers, some coached by Wayne Owens, were also strong.

“Our very reliable R&R teams did well and it was terrific to see our March Past team rewarded with a bronze in the handicap event, for their improvement in the past year.

“We had 12 boat crews at State 2020, including several women’s crews on debut and a young u19 team, who all performed well,” said Mr Pierce.

The NSW State Surf Life Saving Championships are the state’s premier surf life saving event, involving over 6000 competitors from clubs across NSW.

Wanda will now prepare for the Australian Surf Life Saving titles, ‘Aussies’, to be held on the Gold Coast in late April 2020.


Ella McLachlan, u17 belt race
Noah Steiner, u17 swim
Noah Steiner, u17 ski
Riley Dixon, u17 belt race
Zak Keelan, u17 2km run
Jessie Phelps, u17 2km run
Chloe Gentle, u19 2km run
Ali Najem, open 2km
Jessie Phelps, open 2km
u17 2x1km relay
U17 surf team
u17 taplin
u17 ski relay
u19 2x1km relay
u19 board rescue
Open male beach sprint
Open 2x1km relay
Open 2x1km relay
Open board rescue
Open ski relay
Open surf team
6 person R&R

Zara Lammers, u15 beach sprint
Riley Dixon, u17 swim
Nick Middleton u17 belt race
Elyssa Pierce, open belt race
Jamee Smith, Open beach sprint
Harriet Smith, Open 2km run
u15 beach relay
u15 2x1km relay
U15 surf team
u17 board relay
u17 board rescue
u19 2x1km relay
u19 board relay
u19 double ski
U19 surf team
U19 surf team
Open tube rescue
Open womens taplin
Open 2x1km female beach run relay

Kaitlin Middleton, u15 ironwoman
Henri Carrera, u17 belt race
Emily Eaves, u19 belt race
Nathan Jay, u19 swim
Emily Eaves, u19 board
Keira Warn, u19 ironwoman
Hayden Allum, Open ironman
Chloe Gentle, Open 2km run
u15 mixed beach relay
U15 Cameron
u19 ski relay
u19 board rescue
u19 tube rescue
u19 taplin
Open double ski
Open surf team
Open male 5 person R&R
Mixed 5 person R&R

Congrats to all.

Wanda’s top 6 results