Congratulations to all of our finalists and winners in the Surf Life Saving Sydney 2020 “Virtual” Awards of Excellence. Your achievements have been outstanding!


Patrol 10
Patrol of the year

Michael Bonnici
Support Operations Member of the year

Most Awards Per Operational Area

Jeff (Charlie) Brown
Surf Sports Tony Hughes Official of the Year

Nathan Smith
Coach of the Year

Noah Steiner
Youth Athlete of the year

Keira Vincent
JD Athlete of the year 13-14 Female


Lifesaver of the year – Mikaela Sutherland
Volunteer of the year – Natalie Buckley
Youth Volunteer of the year – Ben Sutton
Community Education program of the year – Wanda Beach Safety Community talks
Youth Surf Lifesaver of the year – Lachlan Black
U/15 Surf Lifesaver of the year – Ben Sutton
Patrol Captain of the year – Natalie Buckley
RWC Member of the year – Denny Rowlands
Services Team of the year – Wanda IRB team
Trainer of the year – Gerard Cafe
Assessor of the year – Gerard Cafe
Athlete of the year – Britney Pierce
Masters Athlete of the year – Greer Calabro
U/15 Athlete of the year – Zara Lammers
Surf Sports Team of the year – U/17 Taplin and Board relay team
JD Athlete of the year 13-14 Male – Fletcher Warn
JD Athlete of the year 11-12 Female – Charlotte Bowmer
JD Athlete of the year 11-12 Male – Dane Sutton
JD Athlete of the year 9-10 Female – Zara Zammit-Mayer
JD Athlete of the year 9-10 Male – Max Bowmer
JD Team of the year – U/12 Boys Board relay team
JD Age Manager of the Year – Michael Georgaris
Best Patrol Photo of the Year – Wanda

Each section was screened as a stand-alone video (refer to viewing schedule here). This can be watched from any of our social media platforms listed below:

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SLSS Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_NHhznVXqiHw_hCjDrjSzQ?view_as=subscriber
SLSS Vimeo: http://surflifesavingsydney.com.au/admin/branch-awards-of-excellence/