Congratulations to our Wanda nippers ranking 3rd overall with 224 points at Surf Life Saving NSW Age Championships. 34 medals and many fantastic performances.


  • U14 Female Ironperson – Charlotte Bowmer
  • U14 Male 2 x 1km Beach Run Relay – Austin Martinus, Marcus Keyes
  • U13 Female Surf Race – Zara Zammit-Mayer
  • U13 Female 2km Beach Run – Kyah Gallen
  • U13 Female 2 x 1km Beach Run Relay – Kyah Gallen, Layla White
  • U12 Male Surf Race – Kobi Mead
  • U12 Male Surf Team – Max Bowmer, Kobi Mead, Jarrah Martinus, James Seidel
  • U12 Female 2 x 500m Beach Run Relay – Lilly Molachino, Liesl Spinner
  • U11 Female Beach Flags – Marli Parker
  • U11 Male Ironperson – Jordan Prince
  • U11 Male Board Rescue – Dash Lonergan, Jordan Prince
  • U9 Female Beach Relay – Tabitha Lines, Amelia Perryman, Lila Smith, Charlotte Slattery
  • U9 Female Surf Teams – Lucy Christensen, Fleur Lonergan, Zaida Turner, Chloe Zhang


  • U14 Female Board Rescue – Charlotte Bowmer, Piper Phillips
  • U14 Female Surf Team – Piper Phillips, Charlotte Bowmer, Sienna Mead, Jade Seidel
  • U13 Female 2km Beach Run – Layla White
  • U13 Male 2 x 1km Beach Run Relay – Jackson Aungle, Ryan Harris
  • U13 Male Cameron Relay – Riley Maskiell, Max Christensen, Jacob Vincent, Josh Dann
  • U13 Male Surf Team – Riley Maskiell, Reef Lewis, Max Christensen, Felix Lonergan, Max Bowmer
  • U12 Male 1km Beach Run – Owen Lovell-Ward
  • U12 Female 1km Beach Run – Lilly Molachino
  • U11 Male Ironperson – Dash Lonergan
  • U11 Male Surf Race – Dash Lonergan
  • U11 Male Surf Teams – Jordan Prince, Dash Lonergan, Noah Sutton, Lachlan Dann
  • U11 Mixed Beach Relay – Marli Parker, Sienna Moar, Axel Slater, Callum Byrne


  • U14 Female Cameron Relay – Charlotte Bowmer, Piper Phillips, Jade Seidel, Tia Hale
  • U12 Male Surf Race – Max Bowmer
  • U13 Female Surf Team – Zara Zammit-Mayer, Zahri Lester, Kiani Johnson, Isabel Adams
  • U13 Male 2km Beach Run – Ryan Harris
  • U13 Male Beach Relay – Jacob vincent, Ryan Harris, Josh Dann, Justinian Romanos-Regas
  • U13 Male Board Rescue – Max Christensen, Reef Lewis
  • U11 Male Surf Race – Jordan Prince
  • U11 Female Beach Sprint – Marli Parker

4th Place

  • U14 Male 2km Beach Run – Austin Martinus
  • U14 & U15 2 Person R&R – Isla Jokhan, Madeleine McKirdy
  • U13 Male Surf Race – Max Christensen
  • U13 Male 2km Beach Run – Sebastian Sentas
  • U12 Female Beach Relay – Gabriella Edwards, Alannah New, Lily Molachino, Chloe Russell
  • U12 Female Board Relay – Andie Smith, Liesl Spinner, Montana Smith
  • U12 Male Board Relay – Max Bowmer, Kobi Mead, Zed Lester
  • U12 Male Board Rescue – Max Bowmer, Zed Lester
  • U10 Female Surf Race – Charlotte Brown
  • U10 Male Surf Teams – Reed Martinus, Jake Bowmer, Kye Georgaris, Ryland McIlwaine

5th Place

  • U14 Male 2km Beach Run – Marcus Keyes
  • U11 Female 1km Beach Run – Sienna Moar
  • U11 Male Board Race – Jordan Prince
  • U11 Female 2 x 500m Beach Run Relay – Marli Parker, Sophia Jokhan
  • U10 Male Board Race – Reed Martinus
  • U10 Male Surf Race – Reed Martinus
  • U9 Female Surf Race – Chloe Zhang

6th Place

  • U13 Male Ironperson – Max Christensen
  • U13 Male Beach Sprint – Jacob Vincent
  • U13 Female Board Relay – Zara Zammit-Mayer, Zahri Lester, Kiani Johnson
  • U13 Mixed Beach Relay – Layla White, Lindy Ambrose, Ryan Harris, Justinian Romanos-Regas
  • U10 Male Beach Relay – Bodhi Moyle, Ryan Cohen, Axel Slater, Joshua Carr

Great competition also for our inclusive competitors who ranked 2nd place on the leaderboard.

Well done to every nipper who competed and thank you to a great team of coaches, managers, officials and volunteers who made it all possible.

Wanda Nippers Top 6 Results

Photos: SLS NSW and Wanda volunteers

Photos: SLS NSW

Photos: Wanda Volunteers