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During the 2018/2019 Patrol Season, Director of Lifesaving, Mikaela Sutherland will select one patrol member each month who deserves a bit of extra recognition for their extraordinary efforts whilst on patrol.


Congratulations to Denny Rowlands who is our FEBRUARY Patrol Member of the Month!

Denny always contributes to patrols, offers to help out when needed and serves as a role model for other patrol members. He has been involved in several rescue scenarios this season and leads by example for everyone to learn from. Well done Denny! Enjoy spending your $50 gift voucher!


January’s Patrol Member of the Month award goes to TWO members.  Joshua Crowther and Jayden Wilde.

Both members were rewarded with a $50 Ripcurl voucher.

Well done Joshua and Jayden.


Josh has consistently performed above and beyond his basic patrol requirements. He has not only helped manage his patrol when needed with no fuss, but has also performed the highest number of rescues on patrol 10 so far, with four rescues and two assists. Josh takes the time to train the younger members on duties involving the radio and IRB, and constantly displays important core lifesaving skills. He gets involved in all aspects of patrol, all the while with three young kids – even attending patrol on the due date of his youngest child! An impressive effort by Josh!


Jayden has shown impeccable service to Wanda as a Patrol Captain since his return this season. As one of the youngest captains, Jayden shows incredible responsibility and commitment, offering to help out wherever needed – even doing full day shifts as Patrol Captain on his short breaks from his defence force duties. Jayden is constantly putting his team members forward for recognition, encouraging them to develop, and bringing new ideas forward to the board for patrol improvements. He truly has the best interests of the club at heart in everything he does. Well done Jayden!


Congratulations to Elyssa Pierce who is our DECEMBER Patrol Member of the Month!

Not only a leader in the competitor field but also a great role model for surf lifesaving. Elyssa is always proactive on patrol, willing to help and always showing great leadership to the younger patrol members.

Elyssa recently attained her Silver Medallion which enables her to lead and manage a lifesaving team in emergency and non-emergency situations. Upskilling is a crucial part of our role and this sets a great example to up and coming members of the club.

Elyssa is now the proud owner of a $50 Ripcurl voucher. Well done Elyssa, happy shopping!


November’s Patrol Member of the Month award goes to TWO members.  Mia Ross on patrol 1 and Noah Doran on patrol 10. Both members were held in high reprimand by their patrol captains who said they went above and beyond what is expected of them on patrol at such a young age.

Both members will be rewarded with a choice of a piece of Wanda merchandise or a $50 Ripcurl voucher.

Well done Mia and Noah.


Mia has been acknowledged as being someone who leads from the front, and a role model for the SRC members on her patrol with her maturity and the responsibility she takes on when on patrol.


Noah has been eager to learn all sorts of skills on patrol from patrolling in the tower, practising his board skills and going out on the IRB. This came in handy as he (as an SRC) did some impressive rescues on his patrol at the end of November, which were noted to be in significantly challenging conditions by his patrol captain.


Big congrats to Harry McNamara who is our OCTOBER Patrol Member of the Month! Harry has contributed a massive 21.3 hours to patrols in just over a month, and on top of that attained his Bronze medallion. Well done Harry!