2018 LWC Ocean/Pool Results Day 1

We were very fortunate tonight to have Wanda SLSC Patron Solly, Life members Greg Allum, Sean Mckirdy & Wanda’s friend Kaoru Iketani from Japan joining us for an entertaining Beach & Ocean Masters Dinner.

There is no doubting our star of the day was Hayden Allum winning FOUR GOLD.

Not taking away from the dominance of Chris Iredale’s Board Race GOLD. Stuart Braine’s class in the board for GOLD & Paul Buttel tactical IM GOLD.

Lavos GOLD in the semi-final of the board was watched by the manta rays of Adelaide and we are waiting for their full report.

Surf Race, Ski, Board, Ironman – Hayden Allum
Ironman – Paul Buttel
Board – Stuart Braine
Board – Chris Iredale
30-34 Board Rescue – Hayden Allum, Cameron Pyett
40-44 Board Rescue – Tait Brannock, Stuart Braine
110y Surf Team – Stuart Braine, Tait Brannock, Cameron Pyett
130y Surf Team – Luke Turner, Michael Kay, Paul Buttel
110 Taplin – Cameron Pyett, Stuart Braine, Chris Allum
Board (Semi-Final) – Jon Lavers

30-34 50m Manikin Carry – Hayden Allum (35.49)
140y 4/25m Manikin Carry – Luke Turner, Tait Brannock, Cameron Pyett, Hayden Allum ( Australian Record 1.23.71)
Surf Race – Tait Brannock
Ski – Paul Buttel
150 Board Relay – Hayden Allum, Jon Lavers, Chris Iredale
110 Board Relay – Cameron Pyett, Stuart Braine, Chris Allum
60-64 Board Rescue – Jon Lavers, Chris Iredale
130 Taplin – Hayden Allum, Tait Brannock, Mark Hopkins
150 Taplin – Chris Iredale, Paul Buttel, Michael Kay

Surf, Board, Ironman – Cameron Pyett
Surf – Stuart Braine
110 Ski Relay – Hayden Allum, Chris Allum, Michael Mead
110 Surf Team – Hayden Allum, Chris Allum, Greg Allum

170y 4/50m Medley Relay – Luke Turner, Greg Allum, Hayden Allum, Tait Brannock (1.48.04)
Board – Luke Turner
40-44 Board Rescue Luke Turner, Paul Buttel

130y Ski Relay – Mark Hopkins, Cameron Pyett, Paul Buttel
Ski – Cameron Pyett
Surf Race – Luke Turner
Surf Race – Michael Kay
40-44 100m Manikin Carry w/Fins – Luke Turner (1.01.98)
40-44 200m obstacle – Luke Turner (2.20.54)

40-44 200m Obstacle – Tait Brannock (2.21.82)
Ironman – Tait Brannock

Board – Michael Kay

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