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Wanda Office Bearers


Wanda Board of Directors

Position Name Email
President Mark Sargeant clubhouse@wandaslsc.com.au
Deputy President Nathan Spinner deputypresident@wandaslsc.com.au
Club Captain Ken Smith captain@wandaslsc.com.au
Director of Administration John De Cean directoradministration@wandaslsc.com.au
Director of Finance Anne Caterson directorfinance@wandaslsc.com.au
Director of Surf Sports Jeff "Charlie" Brown clubhouse@wandaslsc.com.au
Director of Education Ben Vincent directoreducation@wandaslsc.com.au
Director of Lifesaving John De Cean directorlifesaving@wandaslsc.com.au
Director of Member Services Steve Stavrou clubhouse@wandaslsc.com.au
Director of Club Facilities Paul Auglys clubhouse@wandaslsc.com.au
Director of JAG Tracey Green chairperson@wandanippers.com.au
Patron Solly Stephens clubhouse@wandaslsc.com.au

Wanda Other Officials

Position Name Email
Deputy Director of Administration Lizzy Sargeant clubhouse@wandaslsc.com.au
Deputy Director of Finance Vacant clubhouse@wandaslsc.com.au
Deputy Director of Surf Sports Justin Baratta clubhouse@wandaslsc.com.au
Deputy Director of Education Vacant clubhouse@wandaslsc.com.au
Deputy Director of Lifesaving Jake McDonald clubhouse@wandaslsc.com.au
Deputy Director of Member Services Katie Spinner clubhouse@wandaslsc.com.au
Registrar Lisa Dixon registrar@wandaslsc.com.au
Publicity Officer Carol Woods publicity@wandaslsc.com.au
IT Adviser Vacant clubhouse@wandaslsc.com.au
Events Organiser Vacant clubhouse@wandaslsc.com.au
Social Organiser John Woods Jnr clubhouse@wandaslsc.com.au
O & HS Officer Graeme Wright clubhouse@wandaslsc.com.au
Gym Manager Justin Baratta clubhouse@wandaslsc.com.au

Wanda Surf Sports  Officials

Position Name Email
Head Coach Greg Pierce clubhouse@wandaslsc.com.au
Head Official Greg Pierce clubhouse@wandaslsc.com.au
Race Secretary Mick Kay clubhouse@wandaslsc.com.au
R&R Captain Yvonne Holland clubhouse@wandaslsc.com.au
Boat Captain David Chapman clubhouse@wandaslsc.com.au
Swim Captain Izaak Smith clubhouse@wandaslsc.com.au
Ski Captain Troy Ryan clubhouse@wandaslsc.com.au
Board Captain Dean McMahon clubhouse@wandaslsc.com.au
Beach Captain
IRB Captain
John Wilde
Trevor Taylor
Lifesaving Events Captain Karin Jones clubhouse@wandaslsc.com.au
Surf Board Riding Captain Tony Rohr clubhouse@wandaslsc.com.au
Masters Captain Michael Georgaris Snr clubhouse@wandaslsc.com.au
U19 Manager Joel Bolewski clubhouse@wandaslsc.com.au
U17 Manager Julie Adams clubhouse@wandaslsc.com.au
U15 Manager Justin Baratta clubhouse@wandaslsc.com.au




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