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We are always encouraging our members to continually be upskilling themselves to become more confident on and off the beach. Click here for a full list of Course Dates. Also available are the Bate Bay Assessment Dates for 2017.


18-19 November, 2017

What is ALBERT?
ALBERT is Australian Lifesaving Boat Emergency Rescue Training, a program which has been developed and successfully delivered by Far North Coast Branch with Sydney Branch to now build on the success and help further develop our IRB Drivers and Crew.

When and Where will ALBERT be held?
The location for ALBERT will be Garie Beach. Accommodation will be provided at Garie SLSC with participants to bring suitable bedding such as airbed and sleeping bag for the weekend. The course will be held on the weekend of November 18/19th 2017, participants are welcome to stay Friday 17th November at the club.

It is intended that the course start time will be 8am on the Saturday and concluding 5pm on the Sunday.

Please contact Michael Bonnici if you are interested in attending by Friday 28th October. Only 5 participants will be selected. Click here for more information.



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