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bate bay surf clubs blood drive 2017

Drum roll please ... What an amazing end to this year’s Blood Drive with Wanda scooping up 1st Place for the 1st Time!!! It seems the bonus points for our 3 new donors got us over the line in front of Cronulla!!

1st Place $650
on 25 points and 3 new donors all donating in the last week, well played Wanda!

2nd Place $600
on 25 points also, clear leaders this year to be pipped at the very end.

3rd Place $500
North Cronulla
on 18 points, 1 new donor.

4th Place $100
 on 12 points.

And for the 3rd year $1200 to The Sutherland Children’s Ward.

The Children’s Ward is grateful for the generous donation of $1200 and the money will be utilised for the purchase of child-friendly disposable curtains, new IV poles and a trolley for allergy testing.

A big thanks too all the sponsors, and to all who took the time to donate for their Club and the Community, together we have a total of 76 donations which is 228 lives saved!!! An awesome effort from all 4 Surf Clubs combined.

Many lives are saved thanks to the generous donations of individuals that give blood at any time of the year. Click here for more information or Dial 13 14 95.

And remember 1 blood donation can save 3 lives - roll your sleeves up for a good cause!



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